Questions and Firsts

Today, i rose early after a restless nights sleep.  I took my first shower, and i had my first physio session where the questions began, according to my physio, Jason, my legs are better than he expected, whilst at physio, I was taught a method i can use to transfer from my chair.  After my session, I returned to my room, only to fins that all my posessions, including my laptop, had vanished, and the question of exactly where all my property had gone was at the forefront of my mind, after a bit of snooping around I was directed to my new room, it’s a little closer to the nurses station which mans my wireless signal is better, though still weak.  My move means that I will not get to know the quiet gentleman I spent a night and some of the day next to, i did however lean his name is Les, i found that out last night whilst engulfed in the sounds and smells of nureses tending to his “ruptured super-pubic”,and as if today hasnt been mentally hectic enough for me I still have one burning question, as yet I have not yet been told when i can expect to go home.


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