Me, My Chair, and conquering my fear

This morning at ten minutes past the hour of ten, I had been sitting at the gym waiting for Jason, I had arrived early as I had budgetted some extra time for the journey in case I got lost en route. If there one thing I can say about Jason, it’s that he’s consistant, he was again late, I did ridicule him as is standard in evil protocol, however in hindsight I couldn’t help feeling a pang of regret as his lateness could be attributed to helping a patient.  On the subject of mytime at the gym, today I practiced wheelstands on a rope rig, i was really really nervous this being the first session, but tomorrow, I’m determined to at last be caught by those ropes, then we move on to holding the wheelstand and eventually on to how to get around street curbs, I have an occupational theropist comming to discuss a range of issues tomorrow including cutlery, clothing and my bowl, im very excited.


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