A Haircut and a revolution

Last night Caitlin (who is now on school holidays) and Stu visited. A moment must bare a certain caliber of distinction in order to firmly cement itself in one’s meory for more than a shot period of time, last night a moment of such caliber was presented.  Stu and Caitlin provided me with a temporary respite fom the manotiny of the hospital, they took me to a movie (Cars) and a meal.  As I took that first bite of burger king, the first i had experienced in months, the many subtle mannerisms of BBQ danced across my pelette and I came to the realisation that if I wanted the freedom to experience such joy on a regular basis, I would have to free myself from the restrictions imposed by dependance on others, then I realised that I was now in the midst of what may be my only chance to achieve such independence, and so today I look on physio and OT while a bask in the knowledge of their greater purpose.

The title of a blog post makes certain promises to the reader by proxy of expectation, having just explained my revolution in thaught all that remains is for me to mention my new haircut.  As an aside to my excursion it was decided that i should get my hair cut, to that end the once sprawling savanah of blond that adawned my head has been reduced to a fsuburban lawn, so far i have gad nothing but compliments.

 Unfortunatly I am going to be late for physio so i must say goodbye


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