Broken Ground

This week I broke new ground in terms of my independance

I have:

  • Made my first sandwitch
  • Made my first Milo
  • Learnt the Direct Lift method of transfer (:
  • Put my own socks on – wahoo!

This week has been filled with other interesting and scary things, I have been having ultra-sound’s done on my bladder to make sure it’s emptying properly, during last nights scan, one of the urologists thaught she saw something that was “either a baby or a brick” but reassured me that all was well.

The doctors also want me to try a drug I have forgotten the name of to help with my spasticity, I haven’t yet agreed to the treatment because i want to throughly research the consequences and\or side-effects of the drug before taking it.

In other news, James posted a link to my blog in his blog, James’ blog has a better presence on google than mine so hopefully more people will check out my blog through his.  While im on the subject of my favorite cousin, he sent me a link to ASCII Star Wars, whoever created this has far too much time on their hands, check it out, its accuracy is scary.

In tech news, Scoble has quit his job at Microsoft and the C9 team posted his exit interview, also notworthy is that in August Micosoft will make available to the public the CTP of Virtual PC Express.


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