Does FIFA have a brand bias

I, like millions of others wordwide was watching the FIFA word cup finals this morning (only because TVNZ baught it upon themselves to completly sacrafice all informational programs before mid-day to cover it),because I’m not a sporting man I was not teribly interested in the game, however my eyebrow raised a shade as i heard this come out of the comontators mouth.

“The mind of a defender has to be like a Pentium processor.”

These quwstions come to mind. 

  1. Do all defenders run between 20 and 60 degrees?,
  2. Do defenders support HT or MMX
  3. Do they support L2 or L3 cache and if so how much?
  4. Do defenders have issues with division?
  5. Do defenders have a kill command in their instruction set?
  6. Do defenders run in real or protected mode?
  7. Are defenders x86 or x64?
  8. Do they have a custom OEM logo?
  9. Do they support DRM?
  10. Do they have intergrated wireless support?
  11. Are defenders dual-core?

One thought on “Does FIFA have a brand bias

  1. 1. Yes
    2. I’m sure they support Half Time (HT) but as for MMX, whether they support medial meniscus x-rays, I’m sure they don’t want them but if they need one I reckon they’d have one.
    3. League Two doesn’t have a cache and League 3 doesn’t exist.
    4. Players don’t want to play in a division below them so yes.
    5. Only some of them.
    6. Depends who the referee is as to whether they’re protected.
    7. There was no World Cup in 1964, but there was one in 1986, so X86.
    8. The team might, but the players themselves probably don’t.
    9. No, they do their own jobs. I don’t want Defenders Running Midfield anytime soon.
    10. Yeah, they’re not puppets.
    11. Possibly, if the team plays four at the back.

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