Another week

Yep, it’s monday again, for me that means mustering the co-ordination to pee into a target way smaller than you’re average toilet, despite the fact that i haven’t quite mastered that.

But I digress, it’s time for some weekend related news

I went to the movies with stu on saturday (or was it sunday, or friday, I can’t remeber), I saw Click, it was average, stu visited again on the weekend and smuhhled in more junkfood :).

In slightly sadder news, one of my dogs died and was burried near the greenhouse.


One thought on “Another week

  1. Hi Brad,
    Exciting to read your blog and learn of all the progress you’re making. It sounds like it’s well worth the effort – we’ll hardly know you next time we see you!
    Grandad is away on his yacht at last, just reached the south coast of Queensland. He had a lot of problems at first but they mostly seem to be solved now. Unfortunately he can’t use email on the boat and mobiles don’t always work so it’s hard to communicate. Looking forward to your next report.
    Love, Nanna

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