A friend I have made here in the hospital is leaving today, he shall remain nameless for his own privacy but he did buy pizza, the cosuming of which was comleted with haste and little grace, however it was a delicious departure from the hospital menu for which I am thankful. 

Of late more progress has been made in the area of vocational guidence, Andrew, one of the programs staff with whom i primarly work informed me that he had tried to make contact with a company reguarding the possibility that I might partake in some work experience, however he was not successful and wil lcontinue to try and make contact with the company.

I realy do hope i can gain work experience from this company in particular beccause they work primarily with technologies with which I am familiar and interested such as the .NET Framework and possibly C#.

I really didn’t do too much in terns of therapy today, i practiced getting over curbs and some other wheelchair skills, sometime this week me and Jason will be going out onto the streets surrounding the gospital with a view ti tackle some real world situations i might face and I am both nervous about the outcome and excited about the possiilities of this excercise.


4 thoughts on “Departures

  1. Hi Brad, Nanna passed on your Blog site and I just spent an amusing 20 minutes reading about your achievements. Im very impressed. By the way, does your Blog have spellcheck? I’d love to see a pic of your new haircut – i’m sending mum a pic of Jacks new do – he’s just got dreadlocks. Keep up the good work! Love always, Auntie Carol.

  2. Hey smurfboy, this your mother speaking. Just read an email from nanna (in oz!!!!) that mentioned your blog.
    Being the apparent technophobe that I am I am unfamilliar with blogs but you might have mentioned it sooner. I will find a way to get you outdoors, I might leave pizza out there,
    Your everlovin mum xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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