My Weekend

I know it’s cliche to blog about one’s weekend, but i am.  I went to see Pirates of the Caribean* with stu and Caitlin, it was a little pointless for me because I didn’t see the first movie, it was still fun, not to mention a grat distraction from the perpetual boredem of a spinal ward on the weekend.

For those of you who are secuity consious (or just totally unaware), there is a major security vaulneravility in powerpoint from 2000 to 2003 (Microsoft have not yet commented on the status of the forthcomming Office 2007 (currently in beta 2) but if it is open it should be patched before RTM), bottom lin is, don’t open attachments unless you are expecting them and be particularly cautious if the attachmen is a powerpoint file.


2 thoughts on “My Weekend

  1. O.K so the movie wasn’t the greatest choice, but seeing as we had your 10 year old sister the choices were a little limited.
    Next time you can choose.
    I dont think you would worry what the movie was as long as their was pop corn and coke!!!


  2. i have to disagree that watching that movie was pointless and “not the greatest choice”. come on guys its johnny depp! one of the most convincing “drunk” actors while not being so (maybe). and you should go and see the first one, its very pretty.

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