Wierd IP addressing

Wile looking through the comments, i noticed a strange IP address (159.177).I know who the address belonged to, the wierd part is that that person uses xtra broadband, the DHCP pool for which is in the 220.* range, a long way from the 210.* used for PPP / SLIP (eg. dial-up) and also well out of the way of xtra’s static ranges, the person who’s name shall be omitted (you know who you are, and don’t look at me like that), uses a mac, that is a point of difference, but that doesn’t explain just how or why xtra is sticking DHCP clients outside the normal pool

It seams our mac user was at work and 159.* is the static range for the organisation (slightly embarressed that i checked ARIN first and not APNIC


2 thoughts on “Wierd IP addressing

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