In Need of Adventure

Now that I’m back from Burwood I feel positivly un-blog-worthy, when I’m here at home I do nothing but code, eat sleep and listen to music, and i know how much some of you hate it when I blog about anything computer related.

In order to solve my little content crisis I shall endevour to go on some more blog-worthy adventures, any suggestions for such an adventure would be appreciaed. 

Finally I must thank everybody who helped me at Burwood, you all did a fantastic job putting up with me.


2 thoughts on “In Need of Adventure

  1. i have a few suggestions but then that is coming from the nurse in me…lol.

    i think you should find some non-ciber friends and start doing things that teenagers do, as well as some computer things.

    or you could practice some of those skills that you learnt at burwood and make mum a nice dinner (he he)

  2. brad want sometime to do? e-mail me and i will give you something for you to think about. something i need a little help with regarding traffic and the internet.

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