Annoying Things – Sticky Commercial Brain Goop

Around 2AM this morning (don’t give me the go to bed look), my legs resembled the southbound end of a human corpse, so I went out to ther lounge to coat my brain in the stickey commercial brain goop we call television.

I don’t really enjoy television that much, because of this, my exposure to it is limited which has the plesent effect of limiting it’s cranial viscosity (don’t complain about my spelling, you got it wrong till you opened word), unfortunatly on this occasion, some of the goop managed to adhere, the narsty little specimin that is presently lodged on my brain is the theme song to nicolkodeon Zoey 101. (the post production on that show is terrible) 

 This delightfully pop-ish little number is one of those up-beat don’t commit suiscide motivational speach type songs by none other than Britney Spears’ little sister.

If memory serves me correctly that is the second minor style misappropriation caused in my lifetime by that particular bloodlie; the first was the circa 1997 “Hit Me Baby One More Time”.

Not to worry, if this is like any of the other obsessuins i’ve had oer the years. it will wash off eventually.  If there’s one thing that stands to be learnt (or in my case reinforced), it’s that TV and all the stickey commercial brain goop it harbours is evil, and as with all things evil, should be taken in small doses.


One thought on “Annoying Things – Sticky Commercial Brain Goop

  1. oh no!!! take it back, take it back!
    yoy can’t mean it really…i spend about six years of my teenage years not watching television (because my parents at the time thought that tv was evil – defferent kind of evil by-the-way) and had to re-tv my brain to accept it but now i can watch hours on end without a problem.
    however my partner shares the same thoughts as you about tv and i have to 1. put up with the sighing (he hasn’t figured out that its ok to leave the room and not watch) 2. i think that i am winning to re-tv him (not) and 3. he thinks that it has its uses like watching buffy tapes!!

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