Why do people do such stupid things?

I decided to watch australian news today as I woke up slightly too late for Breakfast and i didn’t want to watch some stupid old woman making flowers out of paper bags on Good Morning.

I flick over to prime and the Today show, only to discover, some McFuck in queensland has left rat poison and a note in a queensland park, and has chellenged the police to go find the three other poison doses he has left at three schools.

In other australian related news, the makers of my favorite telecomunications product the Telstra Feature Assistant, today announced they have scrapped the AU$4 billion “fiber to the node” plan which would increase broadband accessability and speed in australia.

I guess the whole issue depends on how telstra wants to spend it’s money, the way I see it they have to options, they can spend $4 billion over five years rolling out fiber to the node and providing useful services, or they can spend the same money in the same timeframme answering sales and service calls telling anyone outside a 1.5KM radius of their local exchange that they will not be getting broadband.


2 thoughts on “Why do people do such stupid things?

  1. FTTN is a Farce, it would have only strenghtend Telstra monopoly. Telstra are artificauly limiting their current products. The tecnology has nothing to do with it. FYI the 1.5km is not a real limit.

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