General Catch-Up

To quote the Central Scrutinizer “Hi, it’s me, I’m back again”, I have been on hiatus from blooging for a while, doing the same mindless crap as usual.  I have recovered from my flu, and am very much looking forward to life without it.

Of late many things have been happening, however none of them have resulted in me becomming a functional member of socioty, which is pissing me, and a few other people off, to remody this situation I have decided to be a little more pro-active in my search for employment, to be frank, I’m not expecting much in the way of oppotunities in oamaru, fortunatly the fact that I’ve never left the house and therefore don’t know may place a sicnificant bias to that statement, but we shall see.

James is comming for christmas, couldn’t possibly be more excited about that if i tried; speaking of australia, I would like to be in it’s immediate area on or around April 15th 2007, the day, where I become able to purchase crime-inducing substances, and become legally responsable for those crimes.

It’s not winter, I like when it isn’t winter because all things in, of, surrounding and related to winter suck ass, good riddens to it and bring on warmer weather.

Apple, ah yes, Apple, company who I find 3rd most loathsome, recently released thir new, well, anythinng beggining wih i. low and behold, one of the i bearers has become more compatible, as of iTunes 7.0 apple have stopped relying on a security hole in the NT 5x shell to bind iTune’s brushed metal monstrosity of a user interface to the god-aweful quicktime codecs it relies on, meaning those of us using windows server 2003 can now run both QuickTime and the spftware for whatever it was you baught that they prefixed with an i.

The windows geek communiry as a whole is mourning the recent loss of SysInternals, the company that baught you such utilities as Process Explorer and the ever popular psexec has become an asset of Microsoft, amd while Windows as a whole serves to gain from the merge, it will still be missed.

The 17th season of The Simpsons recently began on TV 3, I was not teribly impressed with the hour-long premiere, it lacked structure.

Gilmore Girls ended its current season leaving the timeslot void of decent programjming.

Verdi Universal plans to launch free music downloads at the end of the year, the media giant plans to subsidise the money it would have made through album sales (and subsequently lost in triplicate to piracy)
through advertising and also plans to use DRMtechnologies to help liimit the illlegal redistrobution of downloaded files.

Sony announced that the playstation 3 will be delayed until March 2007 for Europe and beyond, the console s complete, but issues involving the mass productuon of a component for the console’s Blue Ray drive, mean that sony have had to play favorites and roll out the console to Japanese consumers first.

The world mourns the loss of one of it’s most passionate environmentalists, Steve Irwin, the crocodille hunter was killed by a stingray while filming.


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