First Post in Windows Live Writer

I just downloaded Windows Live Writer, based on the first two seconds of use, I’m very impressed.


Setup was relitivly easy, ots your standard windows MSI type job, once you get into setup you can just follow the “keep clicking next until it works rule”. One thing to note is that the MSI does require admin privilages to run, since my laptop is currently running Server 2003, and I dont like logging off i had to run

runas /user:smurf\administrator msiexec -i Writer.msi

which made me feel the orgasmic warmth any power user feels when typing things at the command line – wahoo

The setup does noy put random shortcuts everwhere so all in all a 10/10 on setup


The Out of The Box Expereience on this app was reasonable.  It has a wizzard to configure infomation about your blog, which once given a URL and some credentials can be left to its own devices – the best part about this wizzard (besides the animation on the configuration page) was that it actually worked.

The only disapointment was that it opened a browser yo show me the Windows Live page – why do I need to see this, i know what and where windows live is

The final score for OOBE is 9/10.

Editing Experience

Windows Live Writer is a WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get) editor with a word 2003-esk UI, everything I have wanted to access thus far, (headings) are easily accessible, the prograsm as a whole seams feature rich but not bloated



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