Power Failure -An excellant start to the Day

It would seam that sometime betweem 2 AM and 12 PM the power failed, which means I woke up late, it also means that all my hardware spontaneously rebooted, great for my hard disks, luckily my box was safely hivernated at the time and was unaffected, but the desktop waas on and could probably use a defrag.

Some of you (read: James) will know that my box had a BSoD a few days ago due to a check exception.  For those of you who havent read the manual titled “Intel Pentium 4 Technical Specifications for Operating System Developers”, a check exception is a means for the CPU to shut down  because some part of it’s internal state has become corrupt.

The internal state of the CPU doesnt often corrupt itself and is usually caused by the bad behavior of some other device, in my case I bdlieve rhe exception was caused by my damaged DVD-R.

Now, it has come to my attention, that certain Apple users were a little “upset” (you know who you are), at my comments rgarding Apple’s release of iTunes 7.0, to you I say “read it a little more carefully”

Yes, i took a few pot shots at Apple, and the iMac/Book/Pod (we’ll get to the IPod in a second), but I did so with a good argument.

With regard to my comments about iTunes, these comments can be justified, in order to make the iTunes user interface work on the Windows platform, Apple decided tio take a small section of their own graphics libraries and rewrite them to be compatible with 32-bit Windows.

The problem I have with that is that it’s poor design, Windows already provides a standard graphics library with the operating system that could have been used to draw the user interface, why reinvent the wheel, especially when the wheel you have invented has not beem optimised for the hill it’s rolling dowm.

QuickTime. QT is its own format, it provides support to ITunes for some  Apple specific formats,and thats fine, until it breaks.

Because it is a dependancy of another application (ie. ITunes), when QT breaks so does ITunes.

Up to the ITunes 7.0 release, QuickTime, and thus ITunes, would not run on Windows Server 2003 because a couple of different patches to the shell prevented it from doing so.

Software, any software, but particularly software millions of people are going to use, should not depend on the presence of a hole in the user interface, or in any other component of the opperating system.  A hole in a system is exactly that, a hole, it is not intended to be there, and will probably be removed.  I would happily critise any software vendor or product for being dependant on a hole, not just apple.

Now, the IPod, both my siblings own an IPod and so I have first hand experience of how they behave on the windows platform.

The IPod is a USB device, why does it install a windows service, I dont have the answer to that, I should probably write to apple and ask, it just really doesnt seam very good.

Also, a few IPods were released with a windows specific virus, apple then said that they were “upset with Windows for not being more hardy.”, thats crap, if you can execute code, u are seseptable, and where does apple get off trying to place any blame on MS, they were the ones who allowed production firmware to be tampered with.

I dont have anything against Apple as a company, Ijust don;t agree with every decision they make.


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