The Produce Son Returns

Yes, that’s right, I’m back, you people probably have about elenty million questions for me (eleventy million is a big number I like to use sometimes, it helps me to express amounts which are larger than human comprehension permits)

How was everyone’s Xmas? Mine was great thanks for asking, what did you get?, HA! is that all, my presents were way cooler than yours, your parents must hate you, its the only logical explanation.

James is here, that’s always good, he’s leaving tomorrow, but like every school-aged child on the last day of summer holidays (that day is fast approaching) we are trying not to think about that.


More recently I’ve tried to apply for a job, I need a job, I need money, the person offered the job in the paper, I responded in writing as was requested, the person who shall remain nameless (only because I don’t know the persons name. 

I don’t want to call him Bob or Mr. X because all the worlds fair and balanced news sources do that and you may get him confused with one of the child rapist Mr. X’s they mention – and Bob – Bob is a crap name and I make no apologies for that, see, here’s me not apologizing.- If your name is Bob – your parents obviously didn’t care enough to name you something decent (like Brad) and probably only kept you because they couldn’t have you shot at birth – but I digress)

In any case,the person who I am not referring to as Mr. X – the job offerer – who is not a child rapist or any other kind of rapist for that matter – has not responded, does this mean that Mr. X thinks i am not the right person for the job, i don’t know, but I’ll keep you posted

What does that mean, keep you posted, does it mean that i am to carefully impale you with a post so as not to damage, corrupt, bribe or negatively influence your vital organs? – and when I do post you – for how long should  i keep you posted?, do you get unposted for the various official holidays? – but again i digress.


That’s all there is – there isn’t any more

Did You Know

There were 4 brackets in this post

There were far too many commas – i stopped counting at 8

There was one exclamation mark

that the Nikolayevsk Incident, in which Japanese people were killed by Bolshevik revolutionaries, was pretext for the invasion of Sakhalin

OK, go now, there isn’t;t any more to read, people will think your crazy if you just sit there, they’ll call you Bob


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