James’ Goodbye Dinner

Tonight was James’ final night in New Zealand and mum decided it was necessary to go out to dinner.  I’m not exactly sure why we went out, going out usually implies we have something to celebrate, James’ leaving is not something I particularly want to celebrate.

We went to the Criterion, a pub in the Historic Precinct owned by Maggie and John with whom our family has established a friendly relationship, we ate in the snug, away from the noise of the bar, but close enough to still experience the atmosphere of a pub on Friday night.


For starters we shared a “nibbles platter”, which consisted of spring rolls and various fish products which had been fried,there were also mushrooms, however I did bot partake in those as I don’t particularly enjoy the flavor of cooked fungi, I did partake in a spring roll, a fried shrimp, and a few onion rings while enjoying pre-dinner conversation.

The injestion of the nibbles platter was completed very quickly and we each huddled over our respective menus as we chose our main courses.

I had a steak burger with salad and french fries, not the wafer thin kind that the McFucks at McDonalds attempt to classify as food, each one was substantial, filled with actual potato and seasoned with something I like to call salt, which only served to increase my enjoyment of the morcils, and thus the rate at which I consumed them.

The burger was equally as delicious, the steak resting between the two buns was cooked to a degree with which I could not be displeased, and the salad which rested upon the steak was not dead or wilting, and so I can be noting but satisfied with the meal as a whole.

As we each finished our respective main, we engaged in conversation, centered around topics such as house building, design and global warming.

For those of you who have not had the pleasure of dining with me, I should warn you, I am a messy eater, dessert for me, is a typically messy affair, and so my choice of Mud Cake for dessert conjured up memories of past dessert eating occasions; this behooved my mother to jokingly ask John whether they had a bib I could use, he obliged by fetching a tea towl from the kitchen and placing it around the correct bib-support sections of my anatomy.

He then retreated to the food cooking den to prepare my dessert, which I might add was delicious, all in all i had a thoroughly good meal, and an equally good time.


Did You Know

  1. Oamaru is famous for renaming limestone after itself
  2. Oamaru used to be a major trading town
  3. Oamaru is a nesting place for Little Blue Penguins
  4. El Greco was a prominent painter, sculptor and architect of the Spanish Renaissance

3 thoughts on “James’ Goodbye Dinner

  1. A well-indulged gastronomic experience. Beer &/or wine would have rounded it out nicely, the legality of such consumption is not far in the future. Hope James’ leaving does not bring you down.

  2. I throughly enjoyed the meal and the experience, as far as my consumtion of alcaholic material is concerned, in my limited experience thus far i have devveloped a strong dislike of beer in any form, wine is an aquired taste, i am yet to aquire it, although i find burbon to be a pleasent experience, that said, i am stiill undecided about whether to drink or not.

    I didn’t think James’ leaving would have quite as great an effect on me, I elected not to go to Christchurch to drop him off, partly because I get nausia in cars, but perhaps the greater underlying reason for me not going was so i could (slightly) delay dealing wuth how I felt about him leaving.

  3. Hehe but that is silly. I am not from Oamaru and I am a little blue penguin. Well when it suits me to be anyway… 😉

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