How’s your day been?, mines been good thanks for asking, I woke up a little late, but earlier than usual. 11:42 AM is reasonable isn’t it? I’ve been looking at courses from Aoeraki Polytechnic, I think I’d like to do a web design course, it’s not my strong point, but I am vaguely familiar with a few technologies I that area, so it won’t be too painful and I should;d hopefully learn something in the process, plus a few cool people i know do web design.

I have a new favorite song at the moment, it’s called Animals, it’s by Nickleback, I am so much cooler than Nickleback, they just happen to be better than me at playing musical instruments, that’s not a crime, it will be when i am the greatest and best emperor of all the universe, but I’m not right now, when I am you’ll all know.

I had strange dreams in the entrails of my sleep. I was sitting  in a room overlooking snowy mountains, looking out of a window, I could see a series of ariels, i asked her what they were for. she didn’t answer and I woke.

I think we are having wedges for dinner, we have a lot of those in the freezer, wedges are like Bill Cozby coated in chocolate, for those of you who haven’t had the pleasure of ingesting Bill Cozy while he is coated in chocolate, you won’t know he’s both wholesome and delicious, with seven whole grains and fibre, he’s a great way to start the day.

My god, that sounded like brand power, with that stupid stupid women who has that idiotic way of just sliding in and out of shot at appropriate times, I hate sliding, it reminds me of Steve Parr, who reminds me of several other things I hate.

There’s a petition going around supported by an MP asking the government to add a month to daylight savings time.

 If that MP were here, I’d look at him, I’d  use my eyes to do that, but before I looked, I’d make sure my eyes were beady and evil looking, then I would flex the muscles around my throat and to create utterances which would sound something like, “Why are you doing this, you, politician type of person with your evil evil tan suit?, what are you doing with the extra hour, is the hour becoming extinct, are you taking all the ours away to some island where they can breed?

If you were as cool as me, which your not, you’d be watching heroes, if you are, good, that shows cool, if you’re not, well, I’d really rather not discuss what happens if you’re not, lets just say it  involves a highly unorthodox use for a corkscrew.

And that, my dear friends, is my rant for today.

Did You Know?

That Steve Par hosted Sale of the Century, and also appeared on What Now from 1981-1982.

That Brand Power is the evil spawn of Butchman Group

Indian Standard Time is the time observed throughout India, with a time offset of UTC+5:30.


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