Ten Points To The Swedish

I like the Swedish, they have made tangible positive contributions to the state of the world, they are quiet, not constantly trying to get one up in the cat fight between certain other nations about whose suicide bombing should be page one.

The swedish have better things to do; Volvo is Swedish, Volvo is the car of choice for newborns, old people and anyone who wants side impact protection, which is a valuable asset in today’s road transport environments what with the youth sliding around in cars, the smell of cheap alcohol and the ash trays of a thousand hookers on their breath, their “doof doof” music blaring while I’m trying desperately to watch EastEnders as they circle the block AGAIN.

The swedish are not without their faults of course, they did invent IKEA, but nobody’s perfect.

When you think of swedish music, you probably think of ABBA – and then throw up, you probably don’t think of dance music – but apparently the swedish do that too – see here’s some people enjoying it.

Did You Know

  1.  Sweden became part of the Kalmar Union together with Denmark and Norway (Finland at this time was a part of the Swedish kingdom). Sweden left the union in the beginning of the 16th century, and more or less constantly battled its neighbours for many years, especially Russia
  2. The song is called Caramelldansen, you want the Speedycake remix – the original is a tad slower, I personally prefer the faster version when coding. 
  3. Penceilogi is a small district on the northern outskirts of Llanelli, Carmarthenshire. It is bordered by Bryn to the north, Dafen to the south-west, Pemberton to the south and Llwynhendy to the south-east

3 thoughts on “Ten Points To The Swedish

  1. The Swedish are most agreeable – they rank up near the top like the Swiss, IMO. Go Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Switzerland and Finland. The Netherlands can sink into the socialist pederast mess it’s becoming. *raspberry*

  2. The Swedish people are also in general are rather attractive. That’s always a good point for a country. They are also ranked as the safest and nicest place to live in the world, New Zealand I think was number 10 in that research. However it is cheaper to live in New Zealand. Sweden have large amounts of taxes.

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