Strange Dreams – Evil Bourbon

I had strange dreams last night. I was in my lounge, James was with me, the whole room was dark and we were looking out the big window that overlooks the driveway.

A black limousine pulled in followed closely by a red car, then I felt someone in the room with me, I reached out. I grabbed something cold, then the lights came back on and I was standing face to face with someone gripping onto a glass bottle with an orange label.

The man was American,he asked me “how much tax do I have to pay to bring this back to the states”; then he said “I’d have to try some, he poured a bit of the liquid into the cap of the bottle and into my mouth

It burned, my vision went hazy, the dream evaporated to black and then I woke to Caitlin calling me because she had made smoothees’ which were delicious


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