Human Density

This morning I’ve received two calls from people trying to inquire about a house for sale in Milton, unfortunately for all of those people, I don’t own a house in Milton and so I politely sent hem on their way.

There are several people involved in the sale of a house, none of whom are as great as me, but that’s beside the point, one of those people was incompetent enough to cause the wrong number (my number) to be printed in the ad for the house.

Whoever it was is obviously suffering from human density, a crippling disease of the mind which causes the suffer to loose all common sense and the ability to perform simple tasks such as arithmetic  and also degrades both short and long term memory, most prevalent in staff of major telecommunications companies particularly in those people who work in sales, billing or support.

Scienticians believe this disease to be generic, if it isn’t stopped now we will have an entire generation of incompetent morons on our hands, though this will defiantly create more opportunities for those of us working first or second level tech support, it will have disastrous effects on the world economy

And so dear ready, your survival behooves you – cull your idiots now.


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