Taking Back My Zen Garden

Eugene Belford, the evil administrator of the Ellington Mineral Corporation once said

“Every person is a country, we each have temporary allies and enemies”, as much as I hate Eugene Belford (I’ll explain later) he was right, I found that out today when I declared war on a country I had previously extended a helping hand to.

The menace I’d been harboring is small, I should annihilate him easily, I had granted him autonomy and a place to live on the plains of my stomach, but no longer, he shall be vanquished, I have begun an indiscriminate cleansing of anything that looks feels or acts like body fat.

Many lives will be lost, there will be scorched earth, I will know I have won when I can call in Jamie Jury and have him re- landscape the pudgy plains of my stomach into the toned, well designed Zen garden it once used to be.

I’ll be blogging my exercise log so you can keep up with the my re-landscaping.


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