Going to Polytechnic

I feel great, not because I am the greatest and best ruler of all the universe, though I am. Today I have something different to feel great about.

I’m going to polytechnic, this has many advantages, learning, qualifications so I can get paid, academically licensed software – wahoo.

It’s also going to be scary, anyone who knows me knows I fear new places which will make the first few weeks a bit hard, but after that all should be well

I’m doing the National Certificate in Computing Level 2, which is basically word excel, maybe access if I’m “lucky”, oh and also paint, but I don’t want to think about having to deal with such an advanced graphics application until it’s absolutely necessary.

I haven’t read anything (read:anything that doesn’t have an MSDN logo, or is hosted somewhere) for a while. That sucks.

What are you guys reading at the moment?


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