The universe is like white noise, random, forever shifting and changing, never the same twice, fate is like an ocean, and we are the surfers listening to the universe on our iPods’ (or Zunes’ if you are that way inclined.)

I am at a point in my life where I am completely immersed in the noise, and disoriented by the tide, right now I’m uncertain about pretty much everything,it can be very scary sometimes, it’s not what’s around the corner that worries me, it’s finding the courage to take a step down the path so I can get to the brick wall next to the corner and peek around it with one eye open and the other one closed, and I bet I’ll run screaming at what I see, too, that’s just the way I am, at least until the next high tide anyway.

You know, I’ve just realized that last paragraph made zero sense, oh well, I’ll keep writing, I like the vibe I’m getting from this one. Right now I’m listening to “American Girls” by Counting Crows, I don’t know why I like this song, I just do, at least until the next high tide anyway.

Speaking of songs, that new song by Avril Lagvine, my god, what the hell, pure pop, what the bloody hell is going on here?

I saw “Ramsey’s Kitchen Nightmares” last night, it featured a pub, which just happened to serve shrimp “cocktails” in clam shells, what the hell? I once had a shrimp cocktail, it was served in a glass, with a salad, I ate it slowly and made a new best friend – If that had been served in a clam shell, I probably would have spent a good ten minutes trying to figure out how to eat the thing before giving up and using my fingers and making a horrible bloody mess like always, the whole experience would have distracted me from the person beside me, who was an incredible distraction from my initial goal of being an antisocial geek at a Christmas party – not that I mind, the cocktail was awesome, as was the person beside me.

Has anyone else been watching heroes, yes James, I know you already have the next eleventy million episodes already, I will unfortunately have to wait a few more weeks before I can see one I haven’t seen yet.

Watched a DCOM (yes James, i did just use THAT meaning of DCOM) toady, Rip Girls, was good, about a girl who inherits some large chunk of a Hawaiian island, she has a control freak father who isn’t quite over his wife’s death just yet, god I wish i could surf, that sounds like such a cool thing to be able to do, except that I can’t swim, I can barely even move in cold water, and ever since Steve Irwin’s death I’m scared something will poke me to death.

You know what must suck, cancer, I hope i never get cancer.

Do you people have MTV – I assume you do, have any of you seen Laguna Beach, I like that show, complete crap, but that has it’s purpose.

I think i just spotted something about Windows Live Writer, I have a beta for some reason, I’m sure it went RTM and got a vista-esque splash screen to celebrate, I think it was used as a test of the theme for office 07,  the color scheme is vaguely familiar, and in the beta I have if you hover over the “Properties and Trackbacks” bar you get the same sort of highlighting you get if you hover over a section of the ribbon in office.

Speaking of Vista, does anyone feel like buying me a copy?

I feel like eating some M’n’M’s right now – the original kind, we don’t have any, maybe I should get my licence, then I could drive to somewhere and get some – freedom of movement be dammed! There is no freedom like the freedom to consume M’n’M’s at will.

Should I change blog theme again?

I had a kebab tonight, god those things are delicious and well worth the $10 we pay for them, far better than any if the more conventional takeaway foods on offer, on the subject of crap, the state of the fish component of fish and chips a our local proprietor of such food is absolutely disgusting, they really do need to lift their game.

That’s enough for tonight I think, I’m tired and i still need to spell check you know what i bet spell check will be two words just to piss me off. (it was),


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