It’s Good to be Home

Some of you probably know, but my laptop is on a fast moving travellator to it’s own death, the recent complete failure of the battery, and the ailing power supply meant that I had to submit it to the care of another for repair.

Yesterday it returned, with a newly re-glued together and very sensitive power port. I have noticed it is running a hell of a lot cooler now, which is good, I’m just glad to be back on my own box, over the last week I’ve discovered that programming in XP Home with 256MB ram is not a pleasant experience and I’m glad it’s over.


I’ve started at polytechnic recently and am quite enjoying the experience, the work is fairly easy, thus far we have not left the warm fuzzy confines of Office XP (yes, that’s the version almost nobody has, that looks kind of similar to 2003 but is different in  many subtle ways) and some basic use of the file system.


In my first full week, I have attained five credits at level 2 and have a piece of paper that proves to my government and future employees that I am competent enough to operate Word XP – wahoo!\

That’s enough for most plebes, the kind of suit and tie person who wears a conservative kind of middle of the road kind of white cotton undergarment, who calls tech support to have their shortcuts restored on a daily basis because despite five years of employment they still haven’t quite understood that the recycle bin is empty’ d on a per-session basis a and is not the place to store things like important reports or productivity enhancing shortcuts, but i digress.

I prefer the feel of boxers, and so I have bigger dreams, my aim for this year is to complete NCEA level 2 and 3 and enter university next year.

My future is looking bright and for the first time in a while, I’m happy.


Did You Know

  1. A travelator is a coloquel name for an escalator, which his not to be confused with Trav-O-Lator which is a brand name
  2. Jesse W. Reno, an 1883 engineering graduate of Lehigh University, invented the first escalator and installed it as an amusement ride at Coney Island, New York in 1895.
  3. Jocelin was a 12th century Cistercian monk and cleric, who became the fourth Abbot of Melrose before becoming Bishop of Glasgow

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