Back From the Dead – Maybe.

I have managed to keep my sick box up for a few minutes now, and ive come to the realisation that i dont feel at home on this box anymore, i dont know why, it just doesnt feel the same, maybe its just me protecting myself, not wanting to get to re-attached so it doesn;t hurt so much the next time i loose it.

Aside from the crippled box my life is going well for me at the moment (hope i haven’t broken any proverbial mirrors). I’m almost done with NCEA Level 2 IT, I should be moving to level 3 within the next couple of weeks, assuming i can keep moving at the pace I am, I will have to start looking at universities to enroll in for the first semester of next year!

I’ve really been getting into a lot of trance lately, I dont know, for whatever reason it’s just really appealing right now (I’m currently listening to britteny spears – *reaches for the skip button*).

The deck is now complete, have I blogged about that already, I can’t remember, in any case it’s done and it kicks a whole chunk of ass, if you were to compile the mass of every human ass in china into a single giant “super-ass” (possibly using a “tractor beam”) then you have a representation of about 1/15th of the ass that it kicks.  The ramp is still semi-complete and now looks like a catwalk extending from the deck, it has a rather large drop at the end, so i cant use it just yet.

AC is comming over, I’m not sure exactly when, all i know is that it’s soon and that she is flying JetStar, thats not a bad airline, their service was exceptional, they got me on and off the plane quickly and without hastle which is excellant since anyone without two legs generally seams to make airline employes enter one of two states.

The first state is the “possum in the headlights” state, they look at you, mortified, like if they breathe the same air as you they are going to mutate into a herpies carrying radioactive spiderman type dealie.

The second state is the “proxy interaction” state, this is the state that a lot of folk enter into, they wont ask me a question, they will ask someone associated with me the question and attempt to use that person as the proxy through which all interaction with the crazy evil herpies carrying mutant spider shall occur.

I just used the End key – oh yeah – oh yeah – oh, right you’re still reading, the end key on the leyboard on th home box is dead, which is very frustrating since I use it so often, it’s nice to have it back.

It’s almost my birthday and like always my birthday has fallen in the school holidays – Yay me!, it’s becomming clear i’m nor going to make it to australia for my birthday – which sucks, but what am i gonna do.

Maybe I’ll get a new notebook for my borthday – on second thaughts, i’d rather not cause I’d like to shop for that myself.

I miss you all.


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