Going Away for Easter

I’m going to spend the easter holiday (or part thereof I’m not entirely sure) with caitlin and stu, I’m not sure if we are doing anything special, I hope there will be chocolate involved, I do enjoy my chocolate, I managed to get my box back up, it’s been up for a few minutes now, at reasonable temperature, so tuchwood it stays up long enough for me to get this post up – I’ll post the reboot count at the end for those of you playimg at home.


Really glad to be having this holiday actually, school has been pretty busy.  I have my assessment for my final unit standard tomorrow, I’m not worried at all, I’ll pass it because I’m awesome, I’m going to be closer to the goal of getting to university next year, which is good, what I don’t know though is whether university is worth the time and monitary investment, how much does it mean to perspective employers?, how in-sync are universities with the state of the industry anyway – are they still teaching VB6 and Delphi?, maybe C# certification from Microsoft means more, I could just do both I guess.


I’ll see you all when I get back, hopefully I’ll have some photos.


Hey, no reboots : )


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