I’m on a shit treadmill

Life’s full of shit isn’t it, there are two types of life shit, each of which I’ll define below


Accidental Shit: This is the kind of shit that can be easily laughed off, like, oh crap, I’ve locked my keys in the car, or, FUCK! Ive dropped my phone in the toilet, oh and by the way I’m sitting on the missing volume button, and I have been all day, it was embaressing then, but it fades to a spec just like everything else, usually in short order.


Perpetual Shit: This is the kind of shit that permiates for long periods of time, bubbling under the surface, with about as much potential for explosion as an olympic swimming pool full of landmines and some water, and oh look there’s Ian Thrope going for a lap.  Perpetual shit is cumulative, and abstracts itself over time so that you can’t easily locate the root of the problem.


Right now I’m suffering from a bad case of perpetual shit, I know why, I think, I hope.

It’s not schol, school is OK, except right now it’s acting as an abstraction layer, which isn’t good news because if I compramise school than I am compramising my long term future and thats never good.


Gilmore Girls endig isn’t great for me either, it was a throughly enjoyabble escape and an excellant show.

SimpleIM is… going at least


Which just leaves some stff that all my close friends know about, but I can’t mention publicly yet for various reasons, I should really get that taken care of, maybe that will improve things, or make them a hell of a lot worse, I’ll tell you when I know.


The un-conquerble forest of Word related activities at school seams to be receading, I’ve moved on from tables to fields templates and wizzards, all increadibly boring, but this is the way my life is, I need some excitement, something new, something different, preferably something that involves actual contact with people I can bare to be in the same room with.


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