It’s 1:35AM, and yes, I am (or was) coding, now, now I’m too pissed and tired to continue.  It’s been a frustrating night, this test just won’t pass, and I don’t know why, I don’t want to give up right now, I hate leaving code broken, but if I don’t stop now something else will break, something valuable, and I cant afford that.

I’ll look at the code tomorrow, maybe it will make sense, maybe it won’t, right now I’m too frustrated, I won’t sleep. I’ll just lie there till 3 AM with my eyes closed, watching the little yellow line step through the code, I’m doing that now, I hate that little arrow so much right now.

Broken code makes me feel kinda worthless, I don’t like that, all this IT related work I’m doing, trying to get qualified, whats the fucking point, how the fuck will i ever have a future as a developer if I cant even make projects i’m supposed to be doing for fun work.

Usually venting makes me feel better, this is just making me feel more angry, so, I guess until I manage to make this test pass, or I find something to be happy about, I’m gonna be angry.

And while we’re on the subject of angry some little barsted stole my phone, that’s my fault too I suppose, I left it on the table in the common room at polytech when I went to the toilet, when I left that room it was empty, when I came back, nobody was in it but neither was my phone.

Telecom won;t help even though the CDMA network my phone is attached to is more then capable of providing reasonably accurate location infomation using the same command they send to a mobile phone when they trace it because it’s owner made an emergency call. I don’t see why they will do that to save my life, and not do it to save my property.


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