I’ve been away a long time, I seam to make a habit of doing that, I’d promise you this will be the last time, and if I do that I might be lying.

Why is everyone so “wow” over transformers, I haven;t seen it, is the CG good, I hope it is, they have no excuse for it not to be, also I hope the plot doesn’t follow your typical transformers plot line because its really repetitive and boring. I suppose now it’s repetitive and boring in 3D – woooooooo 3D.

Has anyone else seen Kyle XY, I did, it started last Sunday (as the replacement for Gilmore girls), I quite enjoyed the first episode.

Oh and has anyone seen Dame-O, he seams to have completely disappeared from the face of the earth; he did that quietly, you’d think a human spontaneously leaving earth would make news, I guess our threshold for newsworthy has gone up, or we’re all too distracted by the latest bombing, by the time I finish this sentence, something eke will have been bombed – change the channel, bombings are boring.

I’m getting university stuff sorted slowly, I’m aiming to start in October at Canterbury University doing a bridging program which, if I pass will mean I can enter level one computer science.

I’m very excited and equally scared, this sure is an interesting time to be me. 

Musically, I’m still very much into trance, if it’s a passing phase it’s sure taking it’s time to pass; also Hey There Delilah has been in my head for a week now, and just this evening I listened to a Colbie Caillat track titled “Bubbly” which I have heard on the radio a few times, and it has grown on me to the point where it is like a festering monster, threatening to entrap my entire face in a jelly-like goo.

I’ve been getting really fast net lately, I got Windows Live Writer (which I am using ti write this blog entry) in about five seconds at 430KB/S.

I can’t wait until teleporters are invented, having the ability to go anywhere a human has set foot in an instant is something I’ve found more of a desire to do lately.

Speaking of humans, James is a human, I miss James and all my Australian based family members, and so to you all I say I miss you and I love you.

Did you know?

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