Eye Tests & Changes

I had an eye test today to check if my vision is good enough to take my learners licence test. My vision has improved since the last time I was tested in 2001 which I found quite surprising.

According to the keeper of knowledge relating to eyes, I am no longer short sighted and the glasses I had been prescribed were not strictly necessary, and not wearing them would not do any damage, which is good news because I rarely wore them, and now I don’t even know where they are, so in short, I can sit my licence tests when I grow sufficient balls to do so.

After the eye test I went to short black with mum and had a sausage roll and a chocolate milkshake which were vast in their deliciousness.

Just eight weeks until the CUP course I’ll be attending starts and I still have a lot to sort out; accommodation, enrollment forms, student loan, and each passing day makes me more nervous about the huge change this will be for me.

I’m also very excited, I’ll be moving out of home, I’ll be able to watch AO programs on the TV and eat in the lounge room, of course this also means I’ll have to find my own meals and do my own washing; why does every silver lining have a cloud behind it?

The clash are good, I’m listening to London Calling right now, I might go back and hear I Fought The Law again.  I got my first benefit payment today, I have no intention of spending it at all, except on bored and whatever else the parental units demand; I’m fasting from impulse buying because I’m planning on buying a new Dell in the very near future.

Speaking of money, I must get myself a debit card and do my first budget sometime soon.

Did You Know

  • It’s National Day in Switzerland.
  • On this day in 1981 MTV made its debut with the music video for the song “Video Killed the Radio Star” by The Buggles
  • that the Khmer Rouge of the 1970s influenced Cambodian clothing by strictly prohibiting brightly colored clothing and forcing all Khmer people to wear a checkered krama.

[Source: Wikipedia]


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