Lazy Friday

To say that I took the day off today would be slightly deceptive, it wasn’t so much a decision to take the day of as it was a failure to wake up.

I don’t want to be here right now, listening to CKY, writing this, I want to be in another place doing other things, but I can’t so I’m here. How’s everyone’s day been?

I’m having student loan issues; because I am on an invalids benefit I can’t get the accommodation costs part of my student loan, which seams fair, except that the invalids  benefit isn’t enough to cover my accommodation and so now I am amorphous, waiting for something, anything to happen.

I hope dinner is something favorable this eve, maybe burgers, or nachos, or a nice curry. I  also wish the cat would stop pacing around right in front of the screen so that I might write this unimpeded.

A balding man, dressed all in black is departing, I believe he has just delivered an oven, A new man has now arrived in a business suit and a jacket, I don’t know what he wants but I’ll soon find out, apparently he has a spawn, she just ran across our deck.

Man in suit takes a medium sized box, I do not know what’s inside, though I am sure it is not uranium, this one does not have a purpose worthy of uranium.

Man in suit and his spawn have left as mother inspects the new, shiny cooking box for which I do not care.


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