Sunday & Growing Up

Listening to: “I want something else, to get me through this, semi-charmed kind of life.”

Just watched Kyle XY and it’s getting very mysterious with the man bugging their house, sleeping in the bath tub and the logo Kyle doesn’t remember but seams to have drawn with incredible accuracy.

It’s kind of cold; I hate cold I can’t wait for summer. We were supposed to be having burgers tonight but as mum is landscaping and is tired we will be having kebabs instead – awesome, I so love those kebabs.

I’m going to make an appointment to talk to my case manager at WINZ on Monday to see what they believe the best course of action is regarding the whole university funding mess. I think that I might just spend the year completing the course I’m doing and stay on my benefit for the rest of the year, then go off my benefit and apply for the bridging program next year; it’s a delay but there are a few key advantages to doing it this way

  • I can pass the qualification I’m currently undertaking and in so doing avoid any damage to my RoL
  • I’ll get to start in the first semester of next year, I’m not sure if that actually means anything but it seams like a good idea.
  • I’ll have adequate time to get accommodation and other things sorted.
  • I can get the accommodation part of my loan, necessary if I intend to study and continue to eat.

Man, I must be growing up, until recently university seamed like a spec, barely visible because my field of view was obscured by other issues which were huge at the time, and yet now seam to be the spec that university once was.

All these stumbling blocks have brought to the forefront of my mind an axiom often used by my mother

“Nobody owes you anything”

This is true, I have always said that I agree with this principle, seeing it take a tangible affect in my life is hard, nobody is going to help me, I must be growing up.

Failure is not something anyone enjoys and while I have no intention of failing it is a possibility I must consider. If I should fail to make it through university or in the IT industry then I must consider other options,

Some of the other options I’ve considered are

  1. Technical Writer – Still in IT, technical writers are responsible for writing documentation such as software specifications (which are then out on a shelf and ignored)
  2. Teaching – English or I.T – Those who can do, those who can’t teach
  3. Tech support – I don’t handle people well, but at least I get the satisfaction of knowing I’ve helped someone, when it’s not lost in the anger of the person I’m helping.

None of these have been fully thought out yet, because I haven’t failed just yet, nonetheless redundancy is a good thing as far as future prospects are concerned.


Did You Know

  • That on this day in 1858 American businessman and financier Cyrus West Field and associates completed the first Trans-Atlantic telegraph cable.

  • On this day in 1100 Henry I was crowned king of England

  • In Japanese culture, the Jo-e (sometimes written Jôe, and translated from Japanese as “pure cloth”) is a garment worn by Shinto priests in religious ceremonies.

[Source: Wikipedia]


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