Bad Choices

I made the choice to stay home today, I’m regretting that choice and listening to Bryan Ferry as I do.

Being home is kind of boring, and yet, when I’m lying in bed, warm, it seams like a much better option then going to sit in the same room for six hours removing a few drops from the endless stream of word documents which have yet to be typed.

Our sky, which had, for some reason been intermittent over the last few days is now fixed, and we have a new, ugly looking, though more completely functional remote – wahoo!

I got the report from ACC re. the purchase of my new box, the box recommended by the assessor was the Toshiba A130 which is a reasonable box in terms of hardware, but it is let down terribly by the choice of Vista Home Basic as the operating system.

The Dell Inspiron 1501 I wanted was cheaper, and far better hardware than the recommended box but due to purchase process issues outside of my or any of my contacts control, can not be purchased at all which is very unfortunate.

The other boxen considered were the Toshiba A200 the HP RZ27690PA and the Compaq Presario F572AU, I’m not aware of the specs of any of these boxen.

I’m OK with the hardware on the Toshiba A120 the OS would defiantly need some upgrading though. 


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