The laptop debate is over and for those of you playing at home I have settled on the Toshiba A120 which I outlined yesterday. For all my bitching about the brand, and then the spec, I am happy to finally have a new primary box in mu future.

Bailed on school again today, I woke up at 5 AM, a chill was in the air, I rose to switch off the TV, which had been on all night, and the stereo which woke me; as I made the short journey across the room the allure of my warm bed was too strong, I climbed  back in for another 5,5 hours of sleep.

At 10:30 I woke, it was warm, I showered and got dressed and sat outside for a few minutes chatting to mum and playing with the dogs.

I spoke to my case  manager (more precisely, his voicemail) in order to confirm my desire for him to proceed with the purchase of the aforementioned laptop.

The remainder of my day has been filled with interweb surfing and MTV, I think it might be my mums birthday, in which case I’m a terrible son because I don’t have a present for her – bugger.

We shall see what transpires this eve, and I shall return.


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