Change: How Facebook Will Help Me Grow

As any regular readers I may have will be aware there are many changes going on my life life right now, and with the circumstantial changes comes a change in some of my long held opinions.

The first such change has been my opinion of social networking sites such as Facebook; where once I would simply have dismissed them as unnecessary personal information aggregation , I now realize just how valuable they are as a communication platform and  as a component of my online identity.

Now that I have discussed how my opinion has changed it would behoove me as an intelligent introspective human being to dwell upon the more significant question of why these staunchly held opinions have wavered.

With my move away from home growing ever more imminent I have come to the realization that as I leave my home I will also be abandoning my comfort zone with no avenue of return and hence I am at the beginning of a new path in life, this path has a fork, one road leads to a new life, the other to uncertainty, naturally, I already know which path I want to take, so all that remains is to take a step down it.

I may be at a new path, but that is no reason to abandon what resources I have gained on my journey thus far, to the contrary it behooves me as a matter of survival to call upon these resources in order to help me face the unperceived challenges in my new environment.

And here lies the principal reason for my embracing of social networks, they enable convenient to all my contacts at any given time, meaning that if I do come up against one of the aforementioned challenges, support should be quickly at hand,

As I prepare to embark on this new journey I would like to take this opportunity to thank everybody for being such supportive allies, your contributions have helped to mould me and in so doing you have helped me arrive at the beginning of my new path.

Did You Know?

  • F.I.D. is an 2CD album set by Japanese noise musician Masami Akita.
  • The Piddle Brook is a watercourse in Worcestershire; two villages, North Piddle and Wyre Piddle lie along its course before it joins the River Avon near Pershore
  • Magic Show is a musical in one act composed and with lyrics by Stephen Schwartz

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