The Box & It’s Boxen

Today, at some minutes past the hour of nine, a van arrived at my premises baring goods, this is not a strange occurrence as my house is in close proximity to my mothers place of business and items relating to the production of lettuce arrive on a regular basis; today’s arrival was different, it was mine.

The man who earns money as a box hauler hauled the box atop our deck and it was then hauled again over the threshold to the interior of my dwelling.

Screens were signed, and the ox hauler retreated to his van to haul another day.

The box was large, excessively large, it was square, as is the way of the box. At that alone I could not tell it from any other box that might have, at  a previous time been set in my gaze, this box was unlike any other box I had ever seen, for upon one of its faces, in large well spaced letters, blue to the eye, was inscribed the word “Balkin” , from the moment my gaze fixed on the inscription and at all times thereafter, this box was known by me as “The Balkin Box”

To this point I had been sitting in the room where the inadequate box had mad its den, using its screen to view content that intrigued me;. When it became clear that the Balkin Box may in fact hold my much anticipated new box, the waters of my excitement burst over the dam of reservation I had set and I bond down to the entrance to my dwelling to see what was to be seen.

As I arrived, the one half responsible for my creation had began an assault on the box in an effort to have it’s internals yielded to our sight. The assaulting parties made haste piercing an opening in the outer skin of The Balkin Box and proceeded to rummage among it’s nards, to have from them what could be had.

A singe entity emerged from the piercing, another box, this box was smaller, perhaps nestled within The Balkin Box as a symbiotic, or perhaps as a parasite, I am not familiar with the social habits of the boxen as a species so I have a mind not to speculate.

This smaller box had many markings, I shall provide a short list of the most significant

  • T O S H I B A
  • Personal Portable Computer
  • “Intel”, this one had a swirl that almost encompassed it but fell short

Time and care was taken in the piercing of this one, inside were the spoils we had been probing for, but the box did not yield it’s internals  easily. This ones internals were compartmented and care had to be taken to safely remove the partitions, when this process was complete, al who were present laid eyes on my new Toshiba A130.

In closing I bid a final farewell and honorable discharge to my ASUS L4, you gave me five long years of service as the workhorse of my high school years. You will be missed.


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