It’s 3:34am and I’m listening to fort minor, leaning slightly to my left starring at the moon feeling very emotional. I cant sleep my head is full of darkness and problems, and I need to vent, so here I sit, speaking of explosions and trends with James, but about to spew feelings upon this unsuspecting screen.

I’m lonely and bored and really really scared of my future and the possibility of it being a pure continuation off my current depressed state of mind, only it will be real.

I want to escape here, my situation, i want to go to a different place, do something different I don’t know what just something.

There are three rivers, one representing my fear, one my discontent and one my fear of failure, and I am trapped on a tiny island somewhere in the middle hyping not to fall in, afraid to move from where I am, and yet the more I sit here, the more likely I am to fail, there is no escape.

And now as the piano plays, and the sweet voice sings the intro to Fort Minors “Were did you go” I want to cry, I want to let this pain out, but I can’t; not right now.

I feel as though I should write more but the word protest their outing and it is never wise to force a word to a page, so I shall stop

I trust his post has not been to depressing, although I’m sure it was.

Did You Know

  •  That Howe Yoon Chong played a key role in establishing Singapore‘s Mass Rapid Transit system, Changi Airport (pictured) and public housing
  • Lambda Andromedae is a binary star in the constellation Andromeda. It is approximately 84.2 light years from Earth.
  • The Adventure of Sherlock Holmes’ Smarter Brother is a 1975 comedy with Gene Wilder, Marty Feldman, Madeline Kahn, Dom De Luise and Leo McKern.

    [source: Wikipedia]

2 thoughts on “Empty

  1. Fort Minor is very much worth losing yourself emotionally. It brings to light in me things that I did not believe existed. Music tends to do that.

    Speaking as one who has escaped the darkness of depression without friend or companion or help in anyway, I’m sure you can escape if you wish to. It is hard, and friends and companions do help. But it is possible.

    I know you must have heard this all before, and I’m sure the last person you need to hear it from is a stranger. Sometimes you have to drink all the darkness from your cup before you can fill it with light.

  2. Bleh depression. T’is a scary thing to get through but things get better, don’t they? I’m sure they do. Hopefully.

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