Depth Perception

I got a blog comment from a random at some time between 4 am and getting out of the shower, this comment was special, not the spam kind of special but special that it was distinct from any other, it made me realize, even though I feel like crap, it could be worse, much much worse. The lesson I have learned from this is that when analyzing oneself as I was last night, one must always maintain depth perception.

It’s  sunny today, I might go for a walk later. Winters retreat will signal happier times I think, I really do dispose winter and everything it represents, its cold, isolating, I blog summer!

I haven’t eaten breakfast yet, although given that 1.04 PM is probably more appropriate for me to eat lunch.

I have been so busy lately, that I completely forgot to check my email, it grows organically over time, and since I left my email for quite some time, I had quite a bit of growth to get through.

We are using bandwidth quite quickly nowadays although I have been using more youtube lately

We really need more bandwidth. 

I trained vista speech recognition this morning which seems to have helped with  dictation accuracy, I hope in time dictation becomes so accurate that I can use it to dictate all my blog entries

I really need to go to DSE. today to try and to get pricing information for RAM and microcontrollers.

*speech recognition is a pain in the arse for example I couldn’t even tell you that speech recognition is a pain in the arts using speech recognition the first time I tried, I had to correct it, *

I was up all night listening Linkin Park end Fort Minor, being depressed, it was very emo indeed, I haven’t had much sleep so i’m not feeling the best today, early night tonight I think.

[Update: speech recognition fucked things i didn’t notice, they are now fixed

 Did You Know

  • That on this day in 1776 British forces led by William Howe defeated the Continental Army under George Washington at the Battle of Long Island in Brooklyn, New York, the largest battle of the American Revolutionary War.
  • On this day in 1939, flown by German test pilot Erich Warsitz, experimental jetplane Heinkel He 178 became the world’s first aircraft to fly under turbojet power.
  • Lochgilphead Red Star AFC is a football club based in Lochgilphead, Argyll, Scotland. For the 2006-07 season, they are members of the Scottish Amateur Football League Division One.
  • That this blog post related article is a stub and you can help wikipedia by expanding it šŸ™‚

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