The New,The Old & My Palm Tree

It’s nine minutes to the beginning of the days second hour, and in it’s infancy I sit, listening to Daddy DJ, contemplating what a fantastic day I’ve had thus far.

The day started early by my new, unemployed, lax standard; by 10:30 I was out of bed and dressed. Mum was in the house, so she served me a nutritious breakfast consisting of a slice of banana cake and one of her delicious biscuits accompanied by a hot chocolate with additional hot chocolate powder, which caramelized around the edge of the cup, basking in the relative tropical climate of the edge of the cup, afforded to it courtesy of the thick layer of oxygenated milk that sat astride the liquid portion of the drink.

After delighting in all of this, I made a quick trip to the fridge for a glass of milk, the change in temperate  was soothing and it served to neutralize my palette.

From the kitchen, I skulked happily into the lounge to peruse the selection of television programs available for my viewing pleasure; here I suffered a minor setback, my desire to watch TV quickly turned to complete discontent at it’s lack of quality content, the notable exception to the content drought was C4, who were airing “What’s the theme?”, a music video show whose varying theme is a mystery to the viewer each week.

This weeks theme  was “The only hit they ever had” which featured long dead pop group “Baha Men” who wee responsible for ruining the new millennium for us all with their remake of Anslem Douglas’s “Who Let The Dogs Out”.

 I’m not sure if I should thank C4, for reminding us all how our standards have risen, or smite them, for reincarnating that most odious of melodies.

After getting my fix of music videos, two in all, I retreated to my room and my box to stay abreast of my Internet based affairs, mail was checked, blogs were read, and amidst all this some of my favorite people signed in to MSN making the whole experience all the more enjoyable.

Since I last blogged it has come to my attention that Damian is not dead, this is excellent news for me, because I have somebody to bitch about subscription TV with, and good for Dame-O, who, as I understand it, has become rather fond of existing.

My recent attempt at a prototype for the screen saver I’m working on failed quite miserably, but , not to worry, we just need to re-think the way we talk to facebook, all should be well soon.

And now, my mind shifts from tired,to zombie, the last trickles of ability leave my brain with cognition in toe, and with that I bid each of you a warm farewell

This post is dedicated to my palm tree.


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