A Disturbance In The Force

Lately I have been fairly depressed about certain things in my world, today was one of those special times when I could put all that aside, all the fears, all the barriers melt away and leave me truly happy.

My sister had the day off today, so we ate ice cream for breakfast then I had one of those weird impulses to go outside, nothing was burning or dead, I just felt like leaving, so I did, and took my sister with me.

We took a taxi to the warehouse and spent half an hour or so exploring the catacombs laden to roof height with goods of dubious quality and educational value. I emerged with a copy of Blink 182’s greatest hits album, listening to it is like reuniting with a lost love, the few songs you hear on the radio don’t begin to do them justice, I have now bought two excellent albums in a single week, here’s hoping my next album purchase decision inherits the quality of its ancestors.

At some point during my explorations, a neuron began firing, its purpose was to alert me that my digestive minions had extracted the last of the energy from the chocolaty bounty now nestled deep within my gastric chamber; as time progressed, more neurons would join the instigator until, at its climax the message became overwhelmingly clear, it was time for lunch.

My sister and I waded through a sea of plebes, each with their own agenda, until we reached a mutually approved injectable goods dispensation point or “cafe” that my family frequents, known as “short black”.

As we bypassed the lax exterior security, the proprietor with whom we were familiar greeted us with enthusiasm and made casual verbal exchanges regarding our presence and mode of transportation before finally asking us to choose a food item with which he would part, for the price listed on the boards above the counter.

Appeasing the neuron was at this point my only goal, so I exchanged monies with the proprietor for an energy drink whose packaging lays expended and just as lifeless as ever upon my sleeping surface and an absurdly large portion of cheese cake, the proprietor reports to have an allotment of this cake in his gastric chasm, he used it, or so he says, to break the previous nights fasting.

My cohorts, at least the ones blessed enough to share a meal with me, will know that cheese cake and I have a turbulent relationship at best; the plot is predictable, the cake disintegrates, and I spread its remains, in an almost ceremonious manner in al directions, while conveniently managing to avoid my mouth entirely; not this time, the one tome my mother is not there to nag me about my messy eating, and with one of the most risky foods available, i do not misplace a molecule, a victory, bittersweet, success invisible to those who condemn you to failure is just as good as hearsay or legend.

With new found vigor, my mothers youngest and only female spawn and I graced several local retail establishments with our presence, my sister bought a hat from soul surf and skate, for which she now owes me $25, and while visiting Noel Lemings, while i failed to lay eye upon the elusive Mr Lemings, I did purchase a Nokia 5700. which is currently of little use as its power source becomes equated with the power it promises to supply.

And now we come to the sad conclusion to an otherwise awesome day, the perfect day was destined to end with he perfect meal, Thai green curry, and then tragedy befell us, the vessel in which the meal was cooking had a glass id astride it, this lid imploded, and then exploded,sending sending tiny shards of glass through the meal and all over any surface in close proximity to the explosion, so we had pizza

And that my children was ,my day, now I shall retire under my palm tree.


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