Not Bad For a Wednesday

Today has been excellent. Our ImageShack client is progressing nicely, it’s still all UI at this point, but the vast majority of that is complete so I can begin work on creating the business logic, so that all those pretty buttons and menus actually do something.

I’m 98% sure at this point that I’ll be in Auckland by Friday evening, so if anybody needs me for  anything, tell me now, if you need to contact me I will have my mobile but net access is unlikely.

Also, if your in Auckland and know me and feel like catching up, text me and I’ll see what I can do, My new phone has a camera so I’ll have punctures to share when I get back.

I’m curious to know whether Georgie Pie is open yet, if so I’d really like to go and get myself one of their excellent pies/

Does anybody like my new blog theme?


2 thoughts on “Not Bad For a Wednesday

  1. I like your new theme. I think it must use less bandwidth. White-space is good because it is not white-noise.

    Facing the abyss of heart’s lonely grief
    The bitch has polluted my soul
    Rains flood the earth, just like the tears flood my eyes
    Never again will my life be the same
    Nothing can heal up my wounds
    Guile and disgrace shall now follow me into the end

    I just can not believe it
    It’s too weak to be true
    Have you really forgotten your worth?!
    Can’t you see victory!?
    You are now free again!
    Look at me!
    Yeah! I live my own life
    If you once tasted treason from a female – leave that!
    Every warrior has a gash on his sword
    Don’t forget you are metal, not some ass-kissing whore
    Take some under your wings, but she must kiss the ring!

    …hahahah! 🙂

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