Lists and Progress

My life currently consists of me sitting on my ass doing nothing but stewing in my own thoughts,, and frankly I’m sick of it, yesterday I got so sick of it that I started making plans to go to university (again).

Here’s what I’ve done thus far:

  1. Contacted my high school to obtain a leaver’s certificate, necessary for me to complete my application for the bridging course I’m entering.
  2. Contacted a gentleman from the UC accommodation department who informed me that there is a ground floor catered room at University Hall available,
  3. Spoke to mum about attending a campus and halls tour which commence next Friday until the end of the holidays

I tried to contact the student advisor but was told by the extension I was given lead to the voicemail of an entirely different, possibly unrelated person,

I really need a web server so I can continue development of my facebook screen saver

My modem has just crashed, I’m probably going to have to go reboot it, especially if I’m planning on publishing this post 🙂

It would seam Xtra’s DNS is down, that’s just lovely, and me without an alternate, no net for me; I’ll see if a modem reboot helps

I’ve tried everything I can to avoid actually having to leave this room, but now the modem wont get an IP address and xtra don’t seam to respond to config requests right now, so I’m going to  have to go do a power cycle, just re-read this sentence over and over till i get back, OK?

I’m back, hard rebooted the modem, still no IP, going to reboot the router now, sit tight.

After quite some time, and an episode of “The Sex Inspectors” Xtra are back up, and I’m back, I had a lot more to write but the networking drama has killed my train of thought

I really need a new blog theme, I’m getting bored with this one.


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