Recounting The Shadows of Today

I woke up at the perfectly respectable hour of nine, I put on generic, conservative kind of middle of the road clothing items to shield the world from the extremities of my nakedness, after all you never know when  people whose lives revolve around the bingo session  at the local RSA on the fifth day of the week may appear; the noises coming from their speaking holes would ladle upon all those who would listen, the recount of my naked shame.

I wandered down my hall to peruse what was on offer that might break the previous nights fasting’s and prepare me for the days other hours, which had not come yet, but were not yet late in coming.

I settled upon the most generic and therefore least controversial option, a bowl of puffed rice spheres which I surrounded in the juice of a cow, and inserted them into the chewing chamber, so that they might be properly processed into the pulp expected by the gastric chamber into which they would eventually flow.

After breakfast I retreated to my living quarters to fix my eyes upon the contents of news sources such as “The Age” and “Whirlpool”; having satisfied my hungers for food, and information, I set about friendly banter with those who I hold as cohorts.

As the aforementioned cohorts will know, computers have become somewhat of an all consuming passion of mine, and further to its pursuit , I formatted my 320GB hard disk which I received as a gift from Stu during my recent trip to Christchurch

My original purpose for acquiring said disk may become a victim of impracticality; the original fate for this storage device, of proportions unseen before in these regions, was to  hold the collective vastness of our media collections, impractical now because the computer to which the drive is fastened would have to be constantly on in order for us to have at the bounties it contains.

The fog surrounding my upcoming ventures to higher education has not become unsettled from where it lies, so i shall continue to wait for clarity before further ventures into this scary unknown land.

There is nothing more to transcribe to this point, and so dear reader I bid you farewell and a warning to stop reading now before the words end and you vanish forever into the cosmos of my inner mind.


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