Mental Laxative at 4 AM

It’s 4 AM and here I am again, writing what’s on my mind so it doesn’t eat into the five hours sleep I’ll get before I force myself out of bed and back on to the Internet to complete the accommodation research, and the request form that behooved it, which is late now, by a day.

I just watched Gilmore Girls; it really is amazing what that show does for me, it’s the only thing that allows me complete escape from all the things that bother me, if only temporarily

I chose electives for university today, four in total, they are as follows

  1. Introduction to Computing for Tertiary Students
  2. Math
  3. Environmental Studies
  4. Something else – I don’t remember right now

I’m not entirely certain about any of these, and that concerns me a bit, that I am pinning a lot of hope to a group of subjects, some of which don’t particularly appeal to me, especially math, I’ve never been good at that, I hope it doesn’t make things excessively difficult.

Aside from my subject choices, I’ve also been concerning myself with accommodation, I’ve not done a terrible amount of research on any of the halls,  but at this stage University Hall is my preferred choice, as for my other three halls of choice, they will be determined  based on the results of the aforementioned research.

I’ve lost my phone charger, it was supposed to go with me to Christchurch, but it didn’t so I can only assume it’s still somewhere in the vicinity of my room.

I may be heading up to Christchurch on the 27th of October, one day prior to the start of orientation, assuming all my paperwork and other things are in order by then, I will be making as much effort as I can to ensure that they are.

It would be wise for me to stop writing now as the natural flow of words has ceased and it is far from my right to disgust you, my loyal readers by forcing to a page, words which have not liberated themselves to me.

And so, to quite the closing chorus from Madeline “that’s all there is, there isn’t, anymore”


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