The sun begins its descent toward Autumn, and my day has been a stream continued from the previous day without sleep, for where none but the small creatures dare a sound, I have been coding.

Through the hours where our star would linger above I have staved off tiredness, it is now that my defenses drop and I start to feel the oh so destructive effects of not sleeping enough.

I spent the day doing nothing productive, but having as good of a time as one who must fight to stay alert an conscious can have, youtube and caffeine are what is keeping me abreast this seething sea of desire to sleep, and I pray that it holds me, at least until sleep would yield a suitable waking hour.

I was disgusted at lunch, I was shunned while trying to procure pizza by delivery from the local establishment apparently they “don’t do deliveries during the day”, why? i am statistically more likely to want pizza while I’m awake

I shall get more sleep now that there are no more Gilmore Girls re-runs to justify the further disturbance of my sleeping patterns.


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