The Ways In Which Things Happened

It’s 3 AM again, and again I write, you could be forgiven for thinking this was going to be yet another recount of how depressed I have been of late, but it doesn’t excuse the fact that you’re wrong.

Our star now shines where the autumn lies, leaving behind the velvet night which pools around my perimeter as I bask in the contrast created by my own inner light, my hope, my future, for I am awesome.

University is not a place where one gains the collective knowledge of the universe, the noun is perhaps deceptive in this regard; it is an entirely more reasonable assertion that one might gain a tiny subset of the universal body of knowledge, I shall find out because I start my universal education in the delta between the death of the seventh consecutive planetary rotation and birth of the second.

I am entering a bridging program, seen by the knowledge projectors as requisite to having the knowledge of computer science projected upon me.

How I will fare in the gaining of the requisite knowledge cam not be speculated on, failure is not acceptable, but it sometimes behooves one to accept that which he does not want and so it would behoove me not to disregard it as a possibility, in spite of my spite toward it.

There is a lethal ballet within me, the need to sleep and the compulsion to write dance aggressively, and with grace, across my mind and my soul; I could watch this beautiful performance a little longer, but I already know which will prevail and which will fall, it is in this knowledge that I now retire to embrace sleep and allow it to dance unimpeded.

Go now, and be at peace with yourself, it is only then that you might extend your hand to another.


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