Rats!, No Net!

Its 6:44 and I sit listening to Adam’s Song feeling frustrated about my current lack of net connection which may, according to mother have been caused by the vermin to which this post owes it’s title .

The aforementioned vermin are apparently partial to chewing things, it’s in their nature, on this occasion they reportedly chewed through phone cable providing services to the office which recently relocated to what was formerly the shed, I am sworn to forever hate whatsoever should be unfortunate enough to take me offline so far this list looks something like this:

  • Telecom
  • Power Companies (all of them)
  • Rats, and anything else that primarily enjoys chewing things and infecting us with unspeakable diseases while we sleep.

I’m a little frustrated at this point, I can’t really vent any of that frustration at anyone in particular this is nobody’s fault, and since I’m of no particular faith I don’t even have a god to curse for this, but even if I could they wouldn’t deserve it.

The reason I have no net is because the modem is unplugged in order to make room for the business phone, the phone that allows mum to receive the orders for the lettuce, the profits from which go directly to paying the bills accrued as a result of the excellent lifestyle I have, to which I have become accustomed, hence it would be selfish of me to complain, I will not, that however does not absolve my current frustration at being disconnected.

According to the last status report from DHL, my package containing my Kyle XY DVDs has cleared customs and is in Auckland so I expect it to arrive here shortly; I am however slightly concerned that DHL lists the destination of my package as Christchurch, I gave my home address to Amazon, and while I understand that Christchurch is most probably the local  DHL distribution point for my region, shouldn’t that be regarded as a way-point as opposed to a destination?

According to my sister we are having Lasagne for dinner and the possibility that I might once again be allowed to revel in the wonderful flavors of this dish is quite satisfying.

On the subject of gastric-consumables, last night I enjoyed kebabs (the skewer kind) followed shortly thereafter by chocolate moose, a rare treat that has graced my palette on a select few occasions, my recent experience has kindled hopes that it may become slightly less rare in the future.

The bathroom renovations are now tantalizingly close to completion, the wooden floor  has submitted to vinyl, which is now laid correctly, the blue wall has been annexed and is currently consumed by fresh white paint, and soon the new toilet will occupy the void left by the toppling of the old sanitary depot; there is also a new vanity and towel  rail to be installed, all of the aforementioned events should have transpired by weeks end if the dictator of the schedule is as much a dictator as a schedule producer.

  I have nothing more to impart upon you now my children, until next time, goodnight


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