My New Place

It’s 3:37PM and here I sit, in my new place listening to blink 182, feeling confused and scared, rather like people must feel when they find out their pet iguana doesn’t consider them nearly as significant an other as they do, but what do I know, I don’t have a pet iguana and if I did, it wouldn’t be that significant.

I have no net connection as of this writing I shall organise that on Monday, I think I’ll use the same plan as we had at home, the quote is crap, but the price is OK as far as Internet in this country goes, especially wen you consider the lack of excess usage charges.

I’ve just met Jaquii and Suzy, the former is a registered nurse, excellent, if I should need to have anyone drugged, the latter is “resident support” which I assume means that as a resident, I can have her hold the unfortunate still while Jacqui drugs it, but we shall see.

In the process of meeting these two, I managed to procure information about the time dinner is served, a terribly inconvenient 5:00 which gives me a thirty minute window to complete ingestion before the beginning of Kyle XY.

And, apparently, there is no Kyle XY, replaced with leads to a new season of ugly betty, and right when I need comfort TV!

Dinner was a beef “thing” with vegetables, I sat with people whose name  I can;t remember, they were nice, although not my kind of people, I did have an interesting conversation with the incredibly short but round dwarf we met when I visited, but generally speaking right now I’d like to just avoid people with intellectual issues, at least while I settle in.

I think i may have to rely more on bought food than initially anticipated as I didn’t like tonight’s meal, it may be an isolated incident but if its not, the food coupled with the people stand to make meal times less enjoyable than they otherwise might be.

Right now I’m not entirely sure what to expect from this place, I’ll find out in the coming days, but right now I just feel lonely and scared.


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