Feeling Good, Feeling Bad

It’s 12:07 AM and I have just returned to my place after almost being locked in “the facility”, apparently the doors lock (maybe automagically, or maybe via elves, i don’t know), I didn’t notice because I was fighting thrasher, the worlds slowest computer, and also my only point of Internet access; thankfully I found a staff member who let me out.

It’s been a terribly hot day, how hot 25 maybe 35 degrees C, i don’t know, these are just hot-sounding numbers I pulled from my head, inspired by the true hotness of today, and probably tomorrow, because even now at 12:21AM it is uncomfortably hot, this is made worse by my headache.

It’s not a thumping headache, it’s a “hi, I’m the front of your head, watch as I make your life a living hell” headache, I thought about getting a tumour today, I hope Jesus didn’t mistake the thought for a wish, because of all the accidentally misinterpreted thoughts, that’s thee one I want translated to a wish, which comes true, the least.

There are so many people I miss, and web sites I miss reading, thrasher has difficulty rendering characters typed at a moderate pace, so viewing a web page can only be described as an ordeal i would not wish upon my enemies, should I ever decide to make someone my enemy.

I went shopping today and have various items of deliciousness in my cupboard, I had a list, from which only some items were retrieved courtesy of time and storage space, I think shopping online is a good option based on today’s experience.

I’ll proofread and save this as a draft later, for now i need to find a way to kill the the ache in my head, and get some sleep


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